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Let's Go Publications Honors Hilo Bay Hostel

Dear Sir or Madam:

Congratulations! Your establishment has been recognized by Let's Go for its quality service to travelers. At Let's Go Publications, we believe in finding the best travel bargains for our readers. Every year, most of our 41 Let's Go books are revised and updated by our staff of Harvard students. Since 1960, Let's Go has grown to become the world's best-selling budget travel guide series.

Since 1997, we have honored the establishments that best demonstrate the value and service we seek for our readers by giving them a concrete token of our recognition. This year, the writers of Let's Go would like to honor your organization for being one of the very best. You have been selected as one of a small number of establishments from each guide to receive this commendation. As a show of our appreciation, we are enclosing with this letter a "Let's Go Recommends" sticker, which we hope you will display within your establishment with pride.

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