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Big Island

Sight Seeing

Hawaii Volcano National Park

Hawaii Volcano National Park - Volcano

Hike through the lava, bike around Kilauea Crater, adventure through a lava tube, or ride horse back to the sea.  You will not be bored at one of nature's most awesome display's.

Big Island Activity: Boiling Pots

Wailuku River State Park - Hilo

Boiling Pots is a as series of big water pools connected by underground flow causing it to roll and bubble roll as if it were boiling. The sides are lined by hexagonal columns of basalt lava whose slow cooling formed the pools.

Big Island Helicopter Tour

When you take the Volcano Coast Safari (45 minutes), you?ll get a nene?s-eye view of the volcanic fury that created and continues to shape Hawaii?s islands. Gasp as we watch for possible lava flows, lava lakes, cinder cones and vents. As a contrast, the Deluxe Waterfall Safari (55-60 minutes) gives you an unparalleled introduction to hundreds of the legendary waterfalls just north of Hilo.

Mauna Kea Observatory

The 4,200 meter high summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii houses the world's largest observatory for optical, infrared, and submillimeter astronomy.
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